The Strikers and the Wingers in Football

The striker can then dive into the space behind these wingers. There is the attacking midfielder can then move on to the free place of the striker.

This is just an example of how a striker can move in width. There are of course countless other tactical variants to solve the above picture.

Match situation, free running through the striker

As a striker or attacker, there is a real chance that you can take a penalty once. You may even be one of your team’s regular penalty takers. In the article ‘ The best way to take a penalty ‘, you will find all kinds of tips for taking the perfect penalty. Use it to your advantage.

Stand turned in when receiving ball

In the second tip, Improve your first touch, we already saw how important it is to shield the ball as a striker when taking the ball. In an ideal situation you stand as a striker in relation to the defender. That way you can use your arm to keep the defender away from you so that he can’t reach the ball. Of course the options for correct score tips are there as well. For correct tips you can visit With more than 97% hit rate and better success rate in betting this site is really become one of the best sites on the net. They also have different options for betting so you can visit and place your bet as per your convenience and win.

Create optimal shooting angle

By adopting a good attitude, a goalkeeper can narrow his goal. This makes it more difficult for a striker to score a goal. As a striker you can increase the angle in which you can score yourself.You do this by moving diagonally from the target. Because you move in a diagonal line towards the goal, the goalkeeper will move with you to shield his short corner. This increases the long / far angle:

Create corner to score

Right in front of the goal both corners are shielded by the goalkeeper

Create corner to score

Diagonally in front of the goal, space is created in the far corner

In the second picture you see space created to score. The goalkeeper can reduce this space by getting further out of his goal. In that case you can score by lifting the ball over the goalkeeper.

Discard on the third man

As a striker you are not only the finisher, but also the ‘coat rack’ on which the attacking game can be hung. By keeping an eye on the free third man, you can effectively move an attack to another part of the field.

This type of situation occurs when you as a striker are played with your back to the goal of the opponent. In addition to shielding the ball, it is important to see which players are still free.Because you play this free player, you create variation in the attack game and new possibilities.

The picture below shows a situation where blue’s number 6 is in possession of the ball. Number 6 plays the striker number 9 in the feet. On the right, number 7 of blue has limited space.


On the other hand, left winger number 11 makes room for the upcoming number 8. Because striker number 9 bounces the ball on number 8, the game is shifted to the left. Also note the lack of number 3 yellow back cover on its right side. This makes the coming number 8 of blue extra threatening.

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