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Most children of the world when they start playing football dream of being a great striker because the pleasure of scoring goals is much greater than that of avoiding it, because it is the great strikers and the great playmaker who capture the imagination of the public and sublimate the art of football.

The Other Aspect of Football

Leaving aside the “romantic” aspect, the forwards are often the players most loved by the fans and, even if there are decisive defenders like a striker, the myth of the 9 and 10 jerseys (for those who lived the age of fixed numbers from 1 to 11) is something unique that was passed down from generation to generation.

The goal is the decisive moment of the game of football, it is a coming together of emotions and passions in a single quick moment and it is for this reason that the forwards are loved, sought after and often very well paid. In the best soccer prediction site like there are ample options available. Not only options in betting by visiting the site you can get to know about the various betting factors that can help you to win and also more in depth details, game analysis and daily tips too.

Returning to the point in question, what are the differences between a champion and other strikers?

With a simple and somewhat banal answer I could say the mentality, but behind this word lies the real secret of a champion.

  • An exceptional attacker must have great technique, tactical intelligence, sense of position, opportunism, the right dose of selfishness, excellent physical preparation, great self-esteem, specific beliefs that increase self-confidence to which are added an emotional strength and extraordinary mental and extreme clarity of purpose.
  • It is clear that there are different types of attackers for physical and game characteristics but regardless of their stature, power or agility some manage to always be decisive by writing history while others just experience short periods of glory and momentary successes.
  • At the beginning of the season, the sports psychologist elaborates a personalized and team plan to increase the players’ self-esteem. The secret of success is that children act intelligently according to the goals to be achieved.

Increasing the self-esteem of players can be useful not only on the football field, but also to better adapt to all areas of life.

Foster empathy

Working on a value such as empathy is one of the biggest challenges for a sports psychologist. It is not easy to teach children to put themselves in the shoes of others.

Empathy allows you to be understanding, supportive, generous and above all a good teammate. Using calcium to develop it is very beneficial for the little ones.

Educating to respect

There are rules that cannot be negotiated, such as rejection of physical and verbal violence or respect for peers. Starting from this premise, the process of democratic negotiation will begin to establish the rest of the rules, each of which must always be based on respect.

For their part, the reference figures such as parents, coaches and educators, must show respect at all times, so as to set an example to follow for young players.In conclusion, the psychology in children’s football can be used to give greater value to this activity. Sport can be used to foster positive values, educate children to make them better people and form a more respectful society.

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