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It is important that every repair is carried out using original “parts and pieces”, otherwise the game certification will be canceled.

Types of maintenance of playground equipment

The legislation essentially provides for 3 forms of inspection:

Initial visual inspection: it serves to verify the most obvious risks deriving for example from vandalism or from a strong wear due to use. Such inspection in the areas most at risk or most frequented should also be daily. For ensuring 안전놀이터 this is important.

The operational inspection: to be carried out every 1/3 months to verify more in detail the state of the equipment, more precisely: control of the degree of conservation of the flooring; surface level control; checking the status of the foundations and checking the stability of the play equipment; check the correct tightening of the fixing elements; control of the painting status; checking the state of joint lubrication; control of the most used parts; check for the presence of chipped parts; visual inspection of any missing or damaged parts and any breakages due to old age or vandalism; control of minimum regulatory requirements with particular attention to entrapment.

Main inspection: performed annually to check the overall level of security. 

In addition, maintenance is divided into three different grades: ordinary maintenance, corrective maintenance, extraordinary maintenance.

Ordinary maintenance: concerns the leveling off the ground, the repainting of the furnishings present, the repair or replacement of worn parts, the tightening of bolts, screws and all metal joints, total or partial repainting and surface treatment, the safety of the equipment present as often happens to make up for vandalism.

Corrective Maintenance : concerns the leveling of the floors to avoid possible falls, the replacement of worn and defective and damaged and broken parts, the restoration of visibility of the signage present or its possible repositioning, if necessary, the integration of the signage with absent information, the correction of possible assembly defects, the correction of possible equipment fixing defects, the verification of structural stability problems, the replacement of non-complex equipment such as swing, slide, spring play causes age, with another of the same type but still certified, the restoration of the pavement on the fall area.

Extraordinary maintenance : concerns the installation of new information signs, the laying of new boundaries such as barriers or gates or new furnishings, the adaptation or reconstruction of pedestrian traffic, thickening and renewal of vegetation, modification or the adaptation of the flooring to the surface of fall, the complete replacement of complex equipment or the insertion of equipment of a different type than the present one, the addition of new equipment in addition to the existing ones, the creation of new play areas .

As we have widely seen, the maintenance of play areas embraces a multitude of aspects in which it is not easy to disentangle but of fundamental importance for the well-being of the users themselves.

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