Warning in Keynote Address by the beIN Media Group CEO Bubble

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Much discussions has started as the CEO of beIN media group has address the issue about media bubble over the football TV right certification in London recently. Mr. Youself Al-Obaidly has mentioned that it is the sheer lack of seriousness and the tendency to avoid the obvious truth that has led the TV right owners in the brink of financial collapse in the long run. He has mentioned that the lack of willingness to combat serious issues like privacy off the TV right owners media piracy and many more has brought the industry to a mayor bubble, a financial bubble that has a high chance to bust out in the recent days.

Specific Mentions

The CEO had been quite specific about the scenario and maid domestic to discuss about the potential dangers that are larking in the long run. This is the kind of complication that the TV right owners and broadcasters tended to avoid for a long time and eventually lost track.

  • As a result of that, as Mr. Al Obaidly points out, within a very short time, the media bubble regarding these TV rights will be over and an increasing number of online streaming channels will take over. Even he also mentioned that whereas the TV right owners are hoping still now that they will be able to gather high profits out of the OTT the platform, a great many pirated streaming channels are already showing the football matches damaging the exclusivity of the whole system.

However all these discussions when not much welcome to the TV right owners. They worried about their business and said that such warnings issued by a powerful and influential person like him would be white harmful for their business on the long run. If under any circumstances the entire building process loses its trust then it will be an unrecoverable loss for them. It is quite clear that they are not happy with what Mr Al-Obaidly had to say. However this was not all.

The CEO has also raised questions regarding the kind of money that gets spent over the TV rights acquiring process. This is simply the kind of issue that raises more complication. He also alleged that the basic rules of acquiring the TV rights when not properly maintained as a result of which the TV right owners would suffer quite a lot in the coming days. According to the experts his opinion have clearly shows the kind of situation the TV right owners are facing right now and where the market standing. You can visit  http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2019/10/08/worst-nightmare-beins-al-obaidly-tells-sleep-walking-rights-owners-tv-bubble-burst/ to know more about it.

He had made the observation also that solving the whole process has only one option and that is too district over the piracy issues in the long run. According to him this is the only way to stop the situation.

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