Top 3 Football Clubs You Must Watch in Vienna

Football is one of the ancient games that people have been playing for a long time now. Football is the heart of those who truly understand and appreciate it. It is a game which in varying degrees means kicking a ball to score a goal. And there are so many professional teams that you would find throughout the world. And with international football leagues, these are some of the Vienna FC top 3 football that you should watch out for.

Vienna FC:

This team has been playing football from 1084 and the definite date would be 22 August. If you love football, then this one team that you should follow. They would amaze you with their skills and their rich history. It is an Austrian association football club that has witnessed both the First World War as well as the Second World War.

The football team is based in the Doubling district of Vienna. It is the country’s oldest team and if football is your passion, then this team is someone you should know about. It has played a notable role in the history of the game of football and to the Austrians this team is popularly known as the Vienna FC team. The recent manager of the team is Peter Hlinka.

SK Rapid:

Sportsklubben Rapid is a Norwegian football team or is a part of the Norwegian association football. It is located in Moss, Norway and was founded in the year 1925 and the exact date would be 25th August. The club has played in Hovedserien and that would be the top league of Norwegian football.

And the club also used to play bandy. And later in the year 2010, SK Rapid and Athena Moss fielded a cooperative team of women who played football. And in the year of 2011, the merged and formed the Rapid Athena.

FK Austria:

This team is also known by the name of Austria Vienna. And is even shortened to the name of Austria. This was formed in the capital city of Vienna. And has won many national titles along with 24 Austrian Bundesliga. This is also one of the most successful clubs in the tournaments and is one club that you should follow.

Thus, these are some of the football teams that you should follow if you are a football fan and want to watch the games of some top football clubs.

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