The Correct Options for the Playing of Rise of Kingdom

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This is the best option for the beginners. These tips will not let you make a lot of mistakes and make you a strong player as quickly as possible.

Rise of Kingdoms is a military strategy game. And like all strategic games, this game requires a special development strategy for effective and rapid development. We reveal the secrets of this development in this article. You can have the best pc download of the same now.

What to do and what not to do

  1. At the Academy to study only “Military technology”. “Economic technology” will collect your intelligence. 
  2. Your scouts must be running all the time. (They will collect you a lot of buns, technology, resources, troops, etc.) 
  3. The daily task where you need to score 100 points you need to do every day until the last chest. If you do not have enough until the last chest, use the collection amplifiers. But thrifty. Collection enhancers will still be useful to us. 
  4. With the development of the city focus on the town hall. We poke at her and build all the buildings she needs. 
  5. Energy. You should always have it at zero. Go to the barbarians (give buns), go with the Alliance to the “Forts of the barbarians” (also buns). Energy accumulate over time, you can replenish banks. But banks are used sparingly, as sometimes they are more necessary at events. 
  6. We save up crystals, spend money on a roulette or at an event on a waste of crystals. You can spend on the acceleration of the “Mystery Trader”, which sells sometimes with a very good discount.
  7. Use the second builder’s scroll to build 2 times faster.
  8. Construction should go all the time. Troop production must go on constantly. Research must be done constantly. No pauses and breaks. Before we go to sleep, we look at how much time is left, and if we are going to sleep longer, we catch up with accelerators and start a new production, research or construction. 
  9. At the initial stage of development, we download commanders who extract resources. Here is a list of them in decreasing order of importance:

Talents such commanders distribute the best in the collection of resources. 

Use to collect resources type of troops “Siege”

The ram, the first-level siege weapon, does not need to be improved. They are needed to collect resources. Just do a lot of them. At the initial stage it is the first level. So they are faster produced. We need them as much as we can take all the collectors at the same time. When they become more only then we increase their level. You need to be specific on the lot.


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