The Best and the Worst of Sonic Movie

The director of the sonic movie reacted to the criticism of the hedgehog’s users by users. The audience found the main character of the painting, which they were shown in the trailer, too horrible and not relevant to the canon and began to sculpt with him memes. But now fans can rejoice, because the director of the film promised to change the design of the ultrafast hedgehog. And in the comments he already has options for what a hero of a cult game might look like.

The Announcement

In November 2019, the sonic the hedgehog movie, shot on the popular SEGA game about the struggle of the hedgehog and his friends against the evil Dr. Robotnik, who dreams of taking over the world, will be released. On the last day of April, Paramount Pictures released a picture trailer. If you have not seen him, hold the video.

No Appreciation

But the audience met the trailer is not applause. At the time of this writing, the number of dislikes under the video reached 460 thousand, while the number of “thumbs up” 270 thousand. Based on the comments, fans of the universe were disappointed with Eggman’s appearance, played by Jim Carrey (users are convinced that the villain looks more like anyone, but not himself ), and even more that what a super-fast hedgehog looks like. Users can be understood, because Sonic in the trailer was too anthropomorphic and dissimilar to himself.

Users began to scold in the comments Paramount Pictures for the fact that representatives destroyed their childhood. But other viewers decided to use the most effective weapon, memes.

The Character of Sonic

Sonic, a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, appeared in the Sega video game series in the early 1990s and is still the company’s mascot. Sonic is 15 years old, he can run at supersonic speeds and collapses into a ball when attacking an enemy. The first game, released in 1991, allowed Sega to market a hero who can compete with Mario, the mascot of competitors from Nintendo .

Over time, the franchise with the participation of the quick and arrogant hedgehog has grown to more than thirty games, which sold over 140 million copies. You could not only play Sonic, you could read comics about him and watch animated series .

The Films for the Fans

The Sonic the hedgehog movie will try to convey the daring tone and spirit of Sonic and unite the character with the most famous heroes of the franchise, including the evil Dr. Eggman, the main enemy of the hedgehog.

Hannah Minghella, head of production for the Columbia studio, owned by Sony, says about the project thatwith a character like Sonic the hedgehog, you can tell countless stories. Sonic has a wide international fan base. Together with the creative partners, the company Marza Animation Planet, they are going to pass on everything for which Sonic has been loved by several generations of fans, and to increase the number of fans of this character. Time is now for enjoying the film to release.

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