The age of live streaming apps

Live streaming is now one of the most upcoming trends in India. Availability of smartphones and cheap data is the backbone of this trend. When it comes to live streaming, the first thing which pops up is sports streaming. However Live sports was the last thing which transitioned to live streaming and OTT services. Live streaming was uncommon on the OTT platforms until recently. Hence major sports fans were forced to be hooked up with their cable operators. For many years purchasing news and sports channels through the cable operators by paying them a hefty amount of fee was the only option available for all the sports fans. Live streaming is becoming extremely popular especially among the younger audiences as they find it more convenient and trendier. Lots of social media platforms are adapting live streaming in order to drive traffic and generate user base too.

Live streaming helps to build a special connection with the audiences, making it even easier to reach customers. People generally prefer live streaming because it’s more engaging and real time based. Not just for social media, but also a lot of events and sports companies are opting for live streaming now instead of general marketing tactics. Watching live matches has become extremely popular, especially during these pandemic times. One of the biggest advantages of live streaming is how you can personalize your viewers streaming experience by giving them what they are looking for.

Live streaming proved to be of great help for all the sports fans, be it from cricket to football everything was covered under one roof. For all the cricket lovers out there, there was streaming of live cricket matches which made this pandemic bearable for everyone. Eg: The Fancode app gives people access to the latest sports news, highlights, fixtures, match photographs etc.

The need for streaming services continues to climb, as are creative ways to stream live sports content. Player Q&As, user-generated content, fantasy leagues, & esports are just a few examples of how live sports OTT channels are pivoting to provide content for their audiences. Whether to watch a cricket live match, or follow your favourite team throughout their whole season, people are flocking towards live streaming platforms.

Sports industries are now adapting to a new business model in order to incorporate live streaming into their current business model. Live streaming has a bright future because of the integral sports content like stats, fan reactions and replay have all become available on a single platform. Hence Live streaming is a win win situation for both the sports fans and the sports industry.


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