Sports Safety: How to Stay Safe While Playing Soccer

Did you know that more than 60% of soccer injuries occur in the lower body and almost always happen in a match, rather than at practice?

A sprained ankle is not only the most common soccer injury, it’s also one that will put you on the bench for a while.

Understanding basic sports safety can keep you safe and on the field doing what you love most.

Check out our sports safety guide and worry about nothing except going for goals!

Pre-Game Preparation

Staying safe while playing sports is not just about the time spent on the field, but also properly preparing your body for the game.

Being suitably fit and healthy will help immensely in preventing injuries on the field. This includes regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Always warm-up and stretch before playing a soccer game. Getting your muscles warm and your joints loosened goes a long way in preventing injuries while playing.

Now that we understand the importance of pre-game preparation the next crucial aspect is sports safety gear. Investing in some important pieces of equipment will help to keep you safe and injury-free on the field.

Soccer Cleats

Look for a pair of shoes that have molded cleats or ribbed soles rather than screw-in cleats.

Ensure that you have a good pair of cleats that fit well and won’t hurt your feet. Lace them up tightly when you play.

Shin Guards

Almost all injuries in soccer are focused on the lower body, especially lower leg injuries.

A good quality shin guard will reduce lower leg injuries ten-fold. Make sure they fit well and are snug around the ankle.


These are optional added safety equipment pieces but are worthwhile for protecting your teeth and mouth.

Players often collide on the soccer field and if you’re wearing a mouthguard your teeth, lips, tongue, face, and jaw will be protected.

Knee Braces

Soccer is a lower-body impact sport and knees often take a beating, resulting in knee issues and pain over time. If you struggle with knee pain, it’s imperative that you wear a soccer knee brace.

This will not only help with the pain but will work to prevent further damage to your knee.

Goalie Gear

As goalkeepers are in the firing line, they require a little more protection during sports.

It’s best for goalies to wear long-sleeved shirts and either pants or shorts with padding. Specialized goalie gloves are essential for protecting the hands from the impact of the ball.

Fast Sports Safety Guide Tips

There are a few more considerations to keep in mind to keep safe while playing soccer. Check out these quick safety tips:

  • Always obey the rules of the game
  • Keep your head up to and remain aware
  • Learn proper techniques for heading the ball
  • Don’t play through pain
  • Stay hydrated
  • Remove piercings and jewelry

If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to have a whole lot of fun and avoid injuries and emergencies.

Stay Safe to Keep Playing 

By following these important sports safety tips you can ensure the likelihood of a long life playing the game you love most. Looking after your body and taking precautions is a small price to pay for the love of the game.

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