Learning Pickleball Strategy: Ways to Succeed

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Are you part of the new sports craze known as Pickleball? With so many people taking up this sport, a lot of new challengers are going to come your way.

If you can employ just a few key strategies, then you can fend them off and be a champion. 

From positioning to returns, we have all the help you need. Read on for our must-know guide on pickleball strategy. 

Identify Weakness

One strategy that can be used for both single and doubles games, is to identify weaknesses in your opponent. You can do this as they warm up, or view them in other games if you are part of a regular club. 

Zone in on their use of the paddle. They may struggle with backhands, which you can use to your advantage. They may use other types of shots that they can have trouble returning, or be weaker in a certain area of the court. 

Work on Your Mobility

Working on your mobility is an intermediate pickleball strategy that will have an immediate impact on your game. Firstly, make sure you have strong shoes for pickleball with a good grip on the court. Move on the balls of your feet, so that you can quickly twist and adapt. 

Positioning and Pickleball Strategy

Staying near the center of the court allows you better access to the rest of the space. Position yourself toward the back third of the court. Your paddle should be held up to chest height, making it ready to return any fastballs that may come your way. 

Aiming Returns

If your opponent has some experience, they will probably be positioning themself at the center of the court. This provides better positioning, so they can reach the extreme areas of the court quicker. 

When playing singles games, the empty space is at the corners. Aim for this, so your opponent is forced to move. It will also tire them out, making them more prone to mistakes. 

A doubles strategy should be to aim for the center of the court. This is the empty space between the players, where they are more prone to come into conflict with each other. This means that you gain a competitive advantage. 

Vary Your Shots

Once you get to grips with the game, you can start an advanced pickleball strategy in which you vary the intensity of shots. If you are hitting the same shots, with the same strength and direction, your opponent will know what is coming. They can easily counter. 

Work on varying your shots according to the angle, strength, and distance at which you aim them. Not only do you become harder to read, but you also wear the opponent’s stamina down quicker. 

Keep Playing

In summary, the best way to keep improving your pickleball strategy is to keep playing. Try new opponents, of different experience and fitness levels. In time, these strategies and experiences will undoubtedly see your game improve!

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