Ken Rosenthal: Los Angeles, Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen will make Citi field a fortress with Technology

Technology Matters in every field. If we have the latest gadgets and skills then we can perform our task perfectly. According to recent news, Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen will make Citi filed a fortress with technology. As we know that he is the general manager of New York Mets and he is performing his duties perfectly. His life story teaches us that if you have skills and learning power then you can do anything. His struggle part is a role model for youngsters. They can learn from it and inspired their soul to do something unique.

Baseball is very interesting and likely playing sport in which public show great interest. New York Mets is the best baseball team just because of best leadership. Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen brings this team at this point of success where they can play in any match without and stress. Basically, there are 2 major things which can change your whole life.

  • Best leadership
  • Hard work

If we have both then we can achieve anything in this global world. Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen started his career from zero because when he was kicked off from his job he never gives up and polishes his skills. He taught us that we have to face our problems instead of running away from them even we can’t run from them. Since coming into the fold, Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen has kept to his words of making Citi Field a championship stadium once again. He showed us, that we have to fulfill our commitments according to our words if we want to do something then we have to do it right now. He also plays an important character in baseball history. He moved that sport to his rightful place.

Ken Rosenthal Statement:

Ken Rosenthal is an American sportswriter and reporter. He is performing his duties perfectly and covered each point deeply. Recently he said that Van Wagenen is the best for the New York Mets because of Van Wagenen skills and experience. He said that Van Wagenen is his friend and he knows him deeply. As we know that Van Wagenen is the general manager of the New York Mets. Ken said that he is the one who thinks differently and his response is always best.

Van Wagenen gave top executing some of the biggest contracts in American baseball history. The contract value was 76 million dollars with 3-year duration time. Van Wagenen also has his hands in the corporate and administrative aspect of the baseball. He knows how to save time and where we need to spend it. He wasted no time in making rules and principles because he has his own rule for their championship charge. Every time he sees differently and now he is leading his team differently than most GMs. He told that his focus is on technology which will be used for getting new talent. Recently New York was able to sign Catcher Wilson Ram and Relief Pitcher. It is a great achievement.


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