Finer Values for the Best in Sports Betting Now

Sports betting at bookmakers have not lost its popularity for the last hundred years. This happens for two reasons: people love risk and easy money. Statistical calculations claim that about 80% of players remain in the red or with their own. And only 15-20% are working in the black.

At the same time, there are professional players whose only source of income is 안전 놀이터 bets. They are developing their own system, constantly analyzing the available information, perhaps using some kind of insider data, making the most passable sports forecasts. However, only a few players reach this level.

Experienced player mistakes

There are mistakes that both beginners and experienced players make.

Bets on very high odds

A high index always looks tempting, especially if the player knows the team and is sure that it will win.

As an example we can mention FC Barcelona. One of the strongest Spanish teams, the odds for the victory of which practically does not rise above 1.30. And suddenly the bookmakers offer to place a bet at the rate of 2.00. Many players will bet without hesitation. However, the logic of the office should not be underestimated: it is possible that one or more of the team’s top players were injured. Or the next match is of little value, and only beginners will enter the field.

One of Barcelona’s best players, Lionel Messi, has received a prison sentence for tax evasion and may leave the club. This will inevitably affect the odds and chances of the game.

Euphoria and tilt

The first 메이저 사이트 arises after a series of non-stop victories, the second from a series of defeats. In both cases, it is necessary to keep a cool head: at any moment the situation can change.

Betting with insufficient information is another mistake that is common even for very experienced players. In order to make a confident forecast for sports, you need to know everything about the team: its composition and health status of each player, motivation, general atmosphere and statistics of previous meetings.

Bets on odds that are too low

Some players, even experienced ones, try to bet exclusively on favorites. They are not upset with the minimum odds, because they are sure that the team will surely win, which means that, even if not a small, but sure win is already in their pocket. And in most cases it does. But sometimes at the last moment the favorite gets sick, an important player leaves the team, the athletes lose their mood for the game.

A strategy based solely on minimum odds is unprofitable. Even one loss for five bets will leave you in the red. It is impossible to use such a strategy without additional analysis and in isolation from other game methods.

England win bets were settled at a minimum odds of 1.50. Iceland’s victory – 8.50. Northerners Defeated

Sports Prediction Tips for Experienced Players

Some tips on sports predictions may be helpful for both novice and experienced bettors:

  1. One of the prerequisites for a long-term successful game is a working bank, which is deposited into an account at a branch. If its size is too small, it will almost certainly be lost.
  1. Compare odds. Bookmakers offer their numbers – the result of the work of the analytical department. Compare to what extent your forecast for a sporting event matches several bookmakers. If you are a fairly experienced bettor, and estimate the probability higher (accordingly, give a lower coefficient), you can play on this and get a value bet.

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