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When you think of 우리카지노, surely the first game that comes to mind is roulette. This is because the mix between chance and strategies has made it one of the most chosen by the public. Within the online casino this is no exception and, today, all of them offer some of the most fun variants of online roulette. Without going any further, Spin Casino brings together the best Microgaming roulette wheels in their European, French and American variants. With so many different alternatives, it is best to develop the strategies that suit us best to have fun at online roulette. Do you want to know our tips for playing roulette?

Safe bets

The safe bets in online roulette are those that give us almost a 50 percent chance of winning since they include 18 of the 37 numbers. Taking into account that the green 0 does not count in these bets, we can play with the following combinations:

  • Red or black: You bet on the color you consider the winner
  • Odd or even: You bet on odd or even numbers
  • Pass or miss: You bet on numbers ranging from 1 to 18 (miss) or from 19 to 36 (pass)
  • These bets pay 1: 1; this means that you will win the same amount that you bet.

Bets on dozens or columns

  • This type of bet decreases the chances of winning a bit but increases the winnings by double.

Bets are made as follows:

Dozens: You bet on the numbers from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24 and from 25 to 36

Columns: You bet on the columns that head the numbers 1, 2 and 3

One way to combine these bets to have more than a 60 percent chance of winning is to bet, for example, on two dozen; however, this type of bet decreases the winnings to 0.5: 1. This means that you will win half of what you have bet.

The bettors will warn you, for many free betting bonuses, we require a bet on the stipulated odds, before counting for each game by means of contribution.

Be aware that all the free betting promotions are optional and you will feel that you would not benefit from the offer, simply cancel the promotion or contact the provider before making any deposit, in order to guarantee your exclusion from the withdrawal prerequisites.

Some strategies

Once you feel comfortable betting on roulette, you can use one of the following strategies to improve your game:

The Martingale: It consists of betting double each time you lose on a bet with 50 percent probability; in this way, you seek to recover what you have already invested.

Fibonacci: It consists of betting progressively following a mathematical sequence. If you lose, you bet on the sum of the two previous numbers in the sequence and, if you win, you bet on the number that is two positions behind.

Alembert: When betting with a 50 percent probability, this bet involves slightly increasing your investment if you lose and decreasing it in the same way if you win.

Use these tips to bet on roulettes according to your profile as a player and develop your own strategies.

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