Android Games that Require in-App Purchase

Playing games on the latest androids has become easier. There are mobile phones that support a lot of heavy-duty games. In addition to that, there are a lot of cool mobile games that one can play to entertain themselves. From single player to online multiplayer games, they all provide in-app purchases to make your game more interesting.

Following are some of the android games where you can make in-app purchases: 


The Minecraft pocket edition is the mobile version of the game that is wildly popular. The game has two modes – survival mode and creative mode. You can do pretty much anything and everything in the game. It’s the best quality is that it doesn’t limit the creative aspect of it. However, the in-app purchases are only for skins but don’t affect the performance of the game. The prices aren’t that high if you ask me just but I would have appreciated something like Good rate Roblox top-up (เติม Roblox คุ้ม 2019, which is the term in Thai).

ROME: Total War

It was a popular PC game that was launched for Android in 2018. The battle game allows you to fight in different parts of the world. It’s massive battles, strategy elements and deep mechanics tempt every gamer to get the extended version, which is where the in-app purchase comes into play.

The Room(series)

This game comes in a four-game series which is a puzzle escape bases play. It has some of the best mobile game graphics so you might need a mobile with a large RAM. The third game of the series has the option for multiple endings, a good longevity strategy. However, I would say the fourth game is more interesting. Why don’t you check it yourself?


Don’t be alarmed that I put this here. I like old simple and long games. With this timeless classic on your android, you can play with your family and friends in multiplayer. The in-app purchasing, in my opinion, makes the games even more competitive and interesting. The beautiful animated 3-D graphics are cherry on the cake.

There are simpler games with in-app purchases that are just great for self-entertainment like Candy Crush. Some storyline games such as Episodes and Choices also come with in-app purchases. These types of games just keep the player hooked. But then again, not all of them provide Good rate Roblox top-up.

Irrespective of what type of games you like (action-adventure, shooting, puzzle, etc.) you should check out the in-app purchases to make it more fun.

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