A Guide to Buying Kickboxing Equipment and Other Gear

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Kickboxing is generally known as a physical sport that involves frequent punches and kicks. Due to its potentially violent nature, it is important for boxers to protect themselves with the right kickboxing equipment. Whether you are a professional or an amateur kickboxing enthusiast, you should get headgear, gloves, mouthguards, shin pads, and other gear before taking part in kickboxing. 

However, in some circumstances, buying the right kickboxing equipment and other gear may be a difficult task. Therefore, here is a guide that can help you know the equipment and gear you need, why you need them and what to consider when choosing them.


Headgear is one of the must-haves when taking part in any kickboxing competitions and practices. Kickboxing involves repeated punches to the head and this can lead to brain damage over time. Therefore, it is vital for you to always wear headgear to protect our skull from the damaging effects of blows to your head. Similarly, headgear can also protect you from superficial injuries such as black eyes, cuts and bruises.

Comfort, robustness, lightness and protection should be your major concerns when choosing a headgear. Do not choose any headgear that does not offer you these benefits.


While kicking or punching your opponent, you are exposing your wrist or metacarpal bones to the risk of permanent damages. Nevertheless, by wearing a pair of gloves, you can prevent such damages. Like several other items, kickboxing gloves come in different materials such as leather and synthetic leather. When choosing boxing gloves, you should endeavour to try them on before buying. It is advisable that you go for boxing gloves that suit your hand comfortably. This will ensure that they neither cause any damages to your hand nor disturb you while sparring.


Engaging in kickboxing without using a mouthguard exposes you to the risk of losing your teeth or damaging your jaw. Resultantly, a mouthguard is one of the essentials for all kickboxing enthusiasts. The various types of mouthguards available include thermoformable, single and double mouthguards. Whichever type of mouthguard you choose, ensure that it moulds perfectly to your teeth. With this, your teeth will be protected without any form of discomfort.

Hand wraps

Hand wraps are highly recommended for anyone taking part in kickboxing due to their ability to protect the wrist and hand from injury. Also, hand wraps reduce some of the effects of your punch or blow on your opponent. For comfort, it is advisable to choose wraps that are designed with elastic materials. However, other types made with other components may be good for you too.


Also known as shinpads, shinguards are basically worn to safeguard the sensitive bony parts of your shin. These sensitive parts can be easily injured if punched repeatedly. Generally, shinguards are created in different ways for various sports. Therefore, when buying shinpads, you must choose the ones that are specifically designed for kickboxing.

Other kickboxing equipment and gear you may need for kickboxing include footgear, jockstrap, and chest protectors.

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