A Brief Guide to the Rules of Pickleball

Are you looking for a game that’s fun for everyone? Look no further than pickleball. The rules are so simple that pretty much anyone can latch onto them.

Even with the easy rules of pickleball, there are still quite a few things to know before you start playing. One small mistake can cost you the entire game.

For example, idle chatter to strategize with your teammates is fine. Jumping around and making erratic hand movements are another. You can’t be a distraction to the other players.

This isn’t the only thing that will land you in trouble. Check out this guide for a few more rules that you need to know.

What is Pickleball?

Before we go over the rules of playing pickleball, let’s talk more about what it is. It’s a game that takes a few elements from tennis, badminton, and ping-pong and rolls them into one package. It’s simple to learn, which is why it’s caught on so fast.

It allows for two to four people, so an entire family can break off into teams and play. These aren’t the only reasons why this game has picked up in popularity.

You can go here to find out now why people love it so much. For now, let’s move on to the rules.

Out of Bounds 

Like with most sports, there are white lines on the ground. If the ball falls out of these white lines, it’s out of bounds. You’ll be forced to give the ball back to the other team, which can lose you the game.

You’ll also be in trouble if you hit the net or knock the ball under it.

Serving Technique 

When you’re serving in tennis, you do it overhand. The rules of pickleball dictate that you have to serve it underhand. You must hold the ball waist-high.

If it’s any higher than that, it’s considered a fault. The ball must be hit diagonally across the court. If you fail to adhere to these serving rules, it will become your partner’s duty to serve, or you’ll have to hand the ball over to the competition.

Stay Away from the Net 

If you’re returning the ball from in front of the net, you have to be a little careful. If any part of your paddle touches the net or the net post, it can cost you the game.

Don’t be Distracting

If you’re sending hand signals to your team members, that’s one thing. Loud yelling and hand waving might get you in trouble with the refs, however.

It distracts the other players, which is a big no-no. You’ll be fine if you’re playing casual pickleball in the yard with your family, but if you’re in a serious competition, you’ll get called on it.

The Many Rules of Pickleball  

Pickleball has picked up in popularity because it’s so easy to play. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, though. If you don’t research the rules of pickleball before you play, you might be in serious trouble.

If you hit the ball out of bounds or distract someone on the opposite team, you’re out.  If after reading these rules, you’ve decided pickleball isn’t your game, check out our blog for tips on playing a different sport.

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