6 Tips for Planning an Amazing Golf Vacation

A study showed 8.2 million people played golf in one year, and 39% took a trip with an overnight stay. And that number continues to grow.

Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned golfer, a golf vacation can be a great way to seal your love for the sport. For some, it can allow for dedicated practice time. And for others, a golf trip is just a good excuse to get friends together.

A golf trip is no simple, quick local round. Whatever your motivation, reality can strike when it comes to planning. It can quickly go from exciting to overwhelming.

So how do you successfully plan a golf vacation without the stress? We have you covered—follow-through on that golf dream and score a perfect trip with these six tips.

  1. Pick Your Companions

Who you decide to join on your golf vacation can make or break your trip.  There is no use picking a companion who will spend evenings miserable if they missed a birdie on that last hole.

Do you want the only clubbing to be on the golf course, or also off? It is also important you are all on the same page about what type of trip you want. Otherwise, things can soon turn sour.

Discuss golf trip plans with your companions in advance. You can even play a game or two of golf together and see how you get on in that setting.

Also, consider the number of people you want to invite when planning a golf trip. It is much easier to have an even number. And the more people, the more organizing.

Set up a doodle poll or use online calendars to figure out availability and secure dates. Sometimes you may have to be ruthless and cut out a friend who cannot make the dates everyone else can attend.

  1. Select the Destination

Do you want a local trip, a national trip, or an international trip? You can pick one of the best places to play golf. But the destination will also determine what you can do in your downtime.

If you are interested in some sightseeing, you can pick an area near points of interest. Or maybe you want to go hiking or visit a wine area. If evening entertainment is for you, then being near a lively city may be preferable.

It is often surprising how much downtime you can have between games, and at some point, the question: ‘now what?’ can come up. If you picked the destination before your golf trip, no sweat, you would be able to suggest some activities.

  1. Choose a Golf Course 

When considering where to go golfing, you will also want to consider the best golf courses suited to you. Comparing courses can help swing your decision about where you should visit.

An excellent place to start is looking at ratings for golf courses. Learn about facilities, history, and rankings.

You can also lookup course descriptions and ratings based on quality and value. For example, the Pebble Beach course in California has been rated 100 for quality and value. 100 is the top score.

Ratings are beneficial if you pick one of the best places to play golf, as there may be many courses! Ratings can also help you choose between the best golf courses out there.

  1. Know the Weather Conditions

You can pick one of the best places to play golf, but have you checked the weather? While the weather is always unpredictable, know the average conditions for the destination.

Knowing the weather will also help you decide what season you want to visit, with the crowds or off-season.

You may also be willing to trade good weather for one of the best golf courses. But researching in advance will ensure your companions, and you are prepared. And so that everyone packs that extra raincoat!

  1. Prepare the Golf Trip Budget

Keep the many health benefits of playing golf by preventing extra stress. You need to know your golf trip budget in advance. That top-ranked golf course or destination may look ideal, but is it ideal for your wallet?

Also, have a plan with your companions for what will happen if someone pulls out. Who will pay the bill?

Know the costs in advance, so all companions are aware and have confirmed they are willing to pay. This will save you hassle in the long run.
Remember to factor in extra costs, like club shipping costs, activities, and lodgings.

You can also get everyone to pay in advance to avoid any complications. Many online platforms make it easy to keep track of everyone’s bills.

  1. Plan Ahead

What are the golf handicap restrictions? The lower the handicap, the better the player. But if your group has a mix of handicap numbers, make sure you cater for all so everyone can enjoy the game.

Knowing handicap restrictions is also essential when you plan your tournaments. Healthy competition is always good. But there is no use in overcomplicating games, especially if it is too much for your companions.

You can also check the dress code of where you plan to play. If you do not, your friends may not pack the right clothes and will not be able to play.

The best way to cover the finer trip details like these is to plan, especially if you plan to go in peak tourist season. Many lodgings are happy to make early reservations.

Enjoy Your Golf Vacation

You might want to fit in as many rounds of golf as possible. Or you want to fit the golf around drinks or other activities with friends. Either way, planning is key to an amazing golf vacation.

So you elect a head planner, decide on where to go golfing, and follow these tips. Now what? You are ready to enjoy your golf vacation!

Yes, planning is essential. But letting go once on vacation is equally as important, even if you do not get as many birdies as you like! It is a memorable experience of golfing with friends, even if your game is not so memorable.

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