3 RC monster trucks Best For The Beginners

Today’s digital world is confined to a screen. The playtime for kids also got stuck in digital gadgets and technologies. Nowadays, kids are more interested in digital gaming than a real-world toy.

But sometimes the real feel of the toys is more enjoyable than an online platform. The old-time toys give more realistic flames to the kids than any smartphone or tablet. To get back the awesome gaming experience, RC monster trucks are in the market. It is a gaming car with fabulous features and technologies.

Before taking home a new RC Monster Truck, you should go through this article to gather information about facts and features of the toy and opt for the best 3 types of RC Monster Truck.

  • What’s an RC Monster Truck?

A Remote Control Monster Truck is a toy car with many attractive features, which makes it more exciting than an ordinary toy car. Your kids can play with this indoor and outdoor. Be it muddy, wet, or bumpy outdoor, the RC Monster Truck can handle all the terrains. You can say it’s a mini version of a real car.

  • Key features to check before buying an RC Monster Truck

RC Monster Truck is indeed a mini version of a real car. It comes with various specifications as a regular car.

1) Power: RC monster trucks are either fuel-powered or electronic. If you want an electronic one, then search for longer battery life. A fuel-powered one should have a bigger fuel tank.

2) Speed: A speedy car is the best car. Your kids will have ultimate fun with a speedy RC monster truck. Check specifications of toys to choose from speed and wrestling trucks. If you want a wrestling car to drive off in the bumpy outdoor terrains, then go for a less speedy bulky car.

3) Cost: Before investing in an RC monster car, always check the cost. Choose one with all your wanted features and under budget.

3 best RC monster trucks:

1) Traxxas Stampede 4×4 1/10 RTR

This is a waterproof electronic toy car. For a beginner, it is ideal because it is waterproof and can be counted on in any weather. Features include XL-5 waterproof speed control, Chevron Maxx 2.8″ tires, a Titan12-Turn 550 motor, and long ground clearance. It is an RTR controlled battery charged car. The disadvantages are its low battery life and breakage-prone.

2)Traxxas Revo 3.3 4WD RTR

If speed is the favorite part of the toy car for your kid, then this will be your best choice. This is a speed monster with speed reaching up to 45 mph. This is a fuel(nitro) powered monster truck. It also comes with a battery and a charger. For convenience, it has a radio transmitted quick start engine. The only downfall is that it sometimes fails to a quick start.

3) ARRMA 1/10 Kraton 4×4

If you want a wrestling toy with ultimate terrain handling, then ARRMA 1/10 Kraton RC Monster Truck would be your hot favorite. It can perform well on any track. Be it muddy, bumpy, or rocky; it will run smoothly. The speed of this RC Monster Truck is also amusing. It can go up to 50 mph. The battery is not included in it. The only disadvantages are that it may have breakages.

Hopefully, you will get your favorite RC Monster Truck with our little help. An RC Monster Truck will be your ultimate fun gaming with your family and friends.

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