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Tennis remains one of the most popular sports in the entire world, with dozens of countries participating in tournaments every year. 

This makes the sport a popular bettor’s sport. And why not? It’s a tense battle between two pros where the outcomes are exciting to put your money on. 

With that said, there are a few tennis betting tips that all beginners should be aware of. Read on to learn about the 7 most crucial tennis betting tips before placing your first wager. 

  1. Look at Stats and Form

It’s easy to come to a quick conclusion by looking at a player’s previous record. If you do some digging, you might find that a player had an injury during their most recent loss. 

This increases their chances of showing out for the next match. Undervalued players might show some signs of profit for bettors.

  1. Pay Attention to Pre-Match Factors

While this doesn’t apply to all players, motivation might be a crucial factor in your betting odds. There are players who might not be very motivated depending on the size of the tournament. 

Also, odds can drastically change during matches, as injuries and fitness concerns can shift the momentum in another player. 

  1. Observe Head-to-Heads

Tennis predictions are built on head-to-head matchups. Whenever you see two players who’ve recently plated one another, it’s crucial to evaluate their last outings. 

There are so many variables that might’ve affected one match. If a player lost 2-0 to another player the last time, don’t be so eager to count them out. 

  1. Do Research On Player Pressure

If it’s a tight match, a player might lose their composure and give up a break point. If they have a lead, they might just blow it. 

That’s why you should look at players’ tendencies under pressure and place bets on that. Some players might do well in deciding sets, while others could fold. 

  1. Go Against Crowd

Momentum in tennis is fleeting but audiences certainly don’t decide who has it. It’s easy to assume that you know what’s about to happen after a player loses a set. 

Even if a player drops a serving set, don’t be swayed so easily by the crowd. They still probably have plenty of chances barring injury. 

  1. Have Reliable Feeds

To make the right bets at the correct times, or to keep track of your winnings, you need to keep up with the action. As we discussed, you might be able to tweak your bets and adjust them as the match goes on. 

That’s why you need reliable tournament feeds. Opt for standard quality instead of HD if that improves your connection.

  1. Leverage Sports Picks

Sometimes you don’t have the time to research every major player in a tournament. There are too many matches to keep track of. 

Leverage sports picks to be on top of your information. The best daily sports betting picks give you valuable insight that’s both reliable and effective in major tournaments. 

Win Big Using Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis is an intense sport where tides can shift in an instant, meaning tennis betting tips are crucial for earning big. Use this tennis betting guide to always have the right information for your bets. 

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